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Micro Machines


I was lucky enough to have grown up in the 80s....
 Sure they had lots of other cool toys like HeMan and Star Wars....
But my favorite toy from growing up was always MICRO MACHINES.
I still remember the thrill of opening my first pack of Micro Machines
 for Christmas in the mid 80s and they still are my favorite toys today.

One day while searching the internet I realized that there was a lack
 of sites out there on Micro Machines.. Back then, I couldn't even find
one quality site devoted to the main line of Micro Machines.

I welcome you to my virtual collection.
 All pictures inside this site were
taken by me (unless otherwise noted).
I hope you find this site to be fun and informational.

Don't Forget to tell your friends about this site!
Thanks for visiting and enjoy! ~Donaldjr

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