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About PureMicros.Com

the Unofficial on-line MUSEUM for
Micro Machines

The roots of this website started back in my childhood... way back on that Christmas day
 in 1985 or 86. That is when I opened my very first packages of Micro Machines. As a kid,
I had hundreds of them. When I got into my teens, my interest changed to model cars.
 In my late teens, I caught up with the Hot Wheels fever. This was about the time they introduced their Trea$ure Hunt series.

A couple years later I mistakenly thought I would go ahead and sell off my Micro Machines,
so I listed my first couple cars in late 1998. My original intent was to sell off my micros,
and use the pictures to make a virtual museum of my former collection. This original
site was a small one on Tripod, started in early 1999.

Selling off the collection was a big mistake. I got caught up in eBay fever, and I ended
 up buying more and more with every few I sold! By the end of 2001, I had acquired this domain name. I have to admit, I was originally a Galoob purist. I used to see the other
 brands as junk. Of course, that was before Speedeez and a couple other higher quality
 brands appeared on the market. My collection quickly grew into the thousands.

Finally some other hobbies stole my interest away for a while. Then, tragedy struck.
 My parents garage burned to the ground while the local fire department sat around
 and picked their noses. I lost about half of my collection. My parents lost thousands
 of antiques and collectibles. This was a real emotional blow...

After over a year feeling lost and not knowing where to go from there, I had to draw
 on the past to learn how to go forward. The original intent of this site was for a virtual
 museum of my collection, and so it will be. The remodel of this site was started in
March of 2010, and will take a while to complete.

I never really got into the parallel series, such as the Military sets or the space series like Star Wars and Star Trek, so there won't be too much info about these on the site. I have tried to research about the different cars made by Galoob, and even found some that they misidentified. I want the information in this site to be as accurate as possible, so if you think I have an error, don't be afraid to let me know.

I want to give a big thank you to Steven for the logo design for my website.
He has a site devoted to Gillig School and Coach Buses if you want to check it out.


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Limited Use Policy

I hereby grant the use of pictures I have taken under the following conditions:
1. The picture IS NOT TO BE altered, except for resizing as needed. No Cropping, Editing, or otherwise altering the picture.
2. The picture MUST be accompanied by © PureMicros
This copyright MUST be a text link to www.puremicros.com
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10. I reserve the right to revoke the use of my pictures from any site in the future. All pictures must be taken down within 5 days of my email requesting the removal of my intellectual property.

This policy is just for PICTURES and does not include any text.
If you would like to quote text from my site, please contact me first.


This website is created and maintained by Donald Wolph, Jr