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Hi, just wanted to let you know that I am finally getting around to updating my site after a long absence. There will be many many changes that I think greatly improves the layout and will make it easier for fellow collectors to find the information that they are looking for. This is a huge undertaking, and will take a while

As you may have noticed in the past, there are many updates that I had planned and never gotten around to. This site redesign is a major undertaking, and should update all pages eventually. I am starting with the Galoob Micro Machines sections, as those are the ones that have been needing the update the most. I am starting with the special series, then will do the catagories, then the manufacturer pages.

I wanted to let you know about some changes that will be made. Some are very noticable like the background change, new menu sidebar, and new header design.

1. I am going to a one-font design. I had some problems with the pages not looking the same after uploading them due to browser issues. With one font, it shouldn't have the issues it was having.

2. I am doing away with the variations page with other angle views. If the variation is common enough to be recognized, such as the sunroof variation on the Ford Sunliner, I will show pictures of both versions. But if the variation is more of an error or misalignment, I won't show them any more.

3. I am increasing the picture sizes. Most pictures were shown at a 150 pixel width in the past. Most will now be 200 or 250 pixel width. This will make many of them appear larger that they are in real life, but this will fit the page better and show more detail.

4. I will be going to a picture based blisterpack listing.


Celebrity Limo

Holiday Camper
The top line on the blue stripe is the blisterpack number/name info.
Under each picture will be the vehicle as it was called on the blisterpack

5. On the vehicle listing pages, I will try to ID the vehicle better

Lincoln Limousine


Celebrity Limo, Private Limo

This sample shown is from the corrosponsing subseries page. I hope to eventually get the make/model/year down more accurate as I started to do in the past.

6. I will be developing many ways to help users quickly identify their micro. I see things such as a wheel identification guide and a brand identification guide as something lacking in cyberspace. I will also be making a Galoob casting guide that should help novice users identifiy their Micro Machines by charastics and only showing one of each casting in a larger picture.


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