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What is Micro Scale?

So, just what size is considered a micro? Generally speaking, a micro is any toy car that is smaller than 1/87 scale, also known as HO scale. I have been asked many times  for the true scale of a micro and that is a really hard question to ask. Like most of the die-cast counterparts, most brands of micros are not made to a true scale - They are made to be a specific length. The height and width are usually different scales then what the length works out to be.

HO used to be the most popular scale of model railroading. N Scale has been gaining popularity since you can have a lot more track in a smaller area. Some model N-Scale model railroad enthusiasts will use Micro Machines, just because there is such a wide variety of models available, and they are really affordable. With this comparison guide you can see the difference in sizes. 

Please note: The cars may be pictured slightly larger than real life.

Johnny Lightning Monopoly series '57 Chevy
1:64 Scale
These cars are the normal
"Hot Wheel" sized cars, including this Johnny Lightning model shown.
Monogram Mini Exacts '57 Chevy
1:87 "HO" Scale
Growing up in the '80s, this was the most popular scale of slot cars.
Micro Machines '57 Chevy
Micro Machines
This is the average size of most brands of micro-sized cars.
Racing Champions Mint Editions 1:144 scale '57 Chevy
1:144 Scale
Racing Champions are made to this scale.
Classic Metal Works Mini Metals  '55 Chevy
1:160 "N" Scale
The smallest mass produced scale of cars.

As you can see, the Racing Champions are about the same length as Micro Machines. The main difference is the Micro Machines tend to be wider and taller. "N" scale is quite a bit smaller than both of them. If you were do the whole scale town with either, you often won't notice the difference tho as most HO figures look close in scale when put next to a Micro Machines car. Some model railroaders customize their micros, such as changing the wheels or repainting them for added realism.


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