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Ford Mustangs

Cars would always make up a big portion of the Micro Machines lineup. Galoob had at least one casting from almost all of the top manufaturers of today and yesterday. From Acura to Willy's, they had the best of them.

1964 Mustang
1960s Mustang Slot Car NOTE: This is a very poor design with elongated trunk
1971 Mustang Fastback
IMSA Mustang II
Color Changer
1979-82 Notchback
1979-82 Notchback Patrol Car
Michigan State Patrol
1983-? Convertible Super 4x4
85-86 Mustang SVO Deluxe
1980s Hatchback Rip Cord Racer
1990s Trans-Am Racer 
1994-1998 Coupe
Cyan windows light blue windows
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