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Skeeters were one of the first mass-produced plastic
micro scaled cars on the market! They were sold in the
early 1970s in a single pack with bubble case. 
The bubble case had a magnifying lens in the top.
A couple playsets were also produced.

Identifying Marks
These are about the same scale as the Racing Champions cars, a little longer and lower than a Micro Machines car. They all have styling right out of the 60s! The body is plastic with transparent windows. The wheels are black plastic with a chrome finish hubcap. The bases are marked with the Ideal copyright. 
Cream Puff
Cuda Special
Dune Digger
Fire Fly
Flea Machine
Lil' Gasser
Nice 'N Nasty
Road Boss
Road Ripper
Tiny Terror
Two Much
Wet 'N Wild
Please Note: All car names are taken from the package whenever possible. 
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