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mini mAD wHEELZ

These micros are reminiscent of the Hot Wheels Zowees 
popular in the 1970s. These are very hard to find!

Identifying Marks
These are about the same length as a Micro Machines car. The rear wheels are larger than the front and have 'Mad Wheelz' written on them. The earlier releases used silver hubbed wheels in the rear, later ones had 5-spokes. The front wheels are small 5-spokes. The gloss black base has no rivet holes, and is marked with the year, "Mana-Tee", and "Made in China".
Fast Foods
Cheesie Rider
Greased Lightning
Early Bird Special
Golden Egg
Pizza Shredder
Monster Motors (Series 2)
Goon Buggy
Road Kill (Series 2)
Gritty Kitty
Nut Cracker
Shell Shock
Smell On Wheels
Road Warriors
Howdy Hauler
Jolly Dodger
Knight Rider
Tee Pee Cruiser
Spare Parts
Brain Drain
Boogie Burner
Motor Mouth
Eye Soar
Sports Nuts (Series 2)
Grand Slam
Kixx 66
Slam Junk
Slap Shot
Please Note: All car names are taken from the blisterpack.. 
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