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In the mid 1990s Matchbox released some micro size cars
to compete with the Micro Machines. Like the Galoob cars, 
these were sold in blisterpacks with 5 cars.

Identifying Marks
These are about the same size as Micro Machines. The overall looks are similar to Funrise cars. The bases are black and marked 'China' and 'MAL'.
Custom Cavalier (80s Chevy Camaro)
Camero ('68 Chevy Camaro)
Ferrari (Testarossa)
Mustang GT (early 80s Ford Mustang)
Custom Racer (Lamborghini Countach)
RX7 (Unknown)
190E (Mercedes?)
300SX(Nissan 300ZX)
969 (Porsche 959)
Trans Am (Pontiac Firebird)
Custom Pick-Up
Custom Racer
Formula 1
Please Note: The bolder car names are according to the packages.
I have added info to better define the car it was designed after. 
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