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Micro power breakers

These cars are very similar to the Galoob Rip Cord Racers. During the late 90s these were sold in 2 packs with racks.

Identifying Marks
These cars have a hole in the roof and base toward the passanger side of the vehicle, whereas the Galoob versions had the holes on the drivers side. To engage the engine you thread the rack through the top and pull it back out similar to the Tonka SSP cars of the 70s. The bases are black plastic and clearly marked 'REMCO TOYS'.
Potiac Firebird
Buick Regal/GN
Jeep CJ
Chevrolet Pickup
Please Note: All car names and descriptions are based on 
educated guesses and may be wrong. To my knowledge the maker
never identified the car makes and models on any of their packaging.. 
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