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speedeez - DODGE
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Speedeez - DODGEs

These cars are available at most major retailers
and are sold in 5-packs. Newer packages may contain
an additional 5 cars free. There is also some playsets
available the include some vehicles as well.

Identifying Marks
The easiest way to spot these is by looking at the base. They will have a ball bearing that provides 'Turbo Ball Power' according to the package. The car rides on this bearing more than the wheels to provide faster speed. The downside is that these are a lot noisier in the desktop drags..
'68 Dodge Charger
Dodge (Neon) SRT-4
Dodge Viper GTS
2003 Dodge Viper GTS/R
Dodge Ram Quad cab
Please Note: All car names and descriptions are based on 
educated guesses and may be wrong. To my knowledge the maker
never identified the car makes and models on any of their packaging.. 
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