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Oct  8th, 2004
Sep 20th, 2004
Aug 23rd, 2004
July 26th, 2004
July 12th, 2004
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2004 Updates

Here is a chance to go back in time and see what changes
were made way back in the year of 2004.

Micro Machines Other Brands
Sep 20, 2004
-Moved Avanti to Studebaker Page
-Updated Nash
-Updated Checker
-Redesigned Insiders Page
-Added 1 Deluxe Pic
-Added 3 Insiders Pics
-Added 3 Mini Micros Pics
-Added 2 Private Eyes Pics
-Added 32 MM Pics
Aug 23, 2004
-Revised main index page and Moved Micro Machines links to former 'autos' page.
-Fixed link to Mini Micros
-Fixed new pics links to last two site updates
Jan 18, 2004
-Added Titanic Ship in a Bottle Pic
Oct 8, 2004
-Added 38 Charm Max Pics
-Added 1 Charter King Pic
-Added 4 RC: Hot Rod Pics
-Added 1 Phat Boyz Pic
-Added 2 Speedeez Pics
-Added 5 Tiny Tuffs Pics
-Created Autokit Page
-Created Charm Max w/bearing page
-Created Tamfort Page
-Added 2 Tamfort Pics
-Fixed some links in other brands page
Sep 20, 2004
-Added 1 Phat Boyz Pic
-Redesigned Hartoy Tiny Tuffs Page
-Added 4 Hartoy Tiny Tuffs Pics
-Added 4 Racing Champions Nascar Pics
-Added 3 Racing Champions NHRA Pics
-Added 4 RC Race Team Pics
-Added 1 Unknown Pic
Aug 23, 2004
-Added Phat Boyz 2-pack Bp info
-Added Phat Boyz 3-pack Bp info
-Created Phat Boyz: Mercedes Page
-Created Phat Boyz: Toyota Page
-Added 7 Phat Boyz Pics
-Added Speedeez H2 Bp info
-Added 7 Speedeez Pics
-Added 5 Charter King Pics
-Added 1 RC Race Team Pic
-Fixes new pics links to last two site updates
July 25, 2004
-Added 35 Speedeez Pics
-Created Speedeez H2 Bp page
-Added 25 Charter King Pics
July 19, 2004
-Created Phat Boyz: Dodge Page
July 12, 2004
-Added 1 Charter King Pic
-Created Phat Boyz: Concepts page
-Added 12 Phat Boyz Pics
-Added Phat Boyz Bp Info
-Created Speedeez: Unkown Page
-Added 50 Speedeez Pics
May 17, 2004
-Added 3 RC Hot Rod pics
-Added 2 RC Motor Trend pics
-Created Stock Rods by Car# page
-Added 10 RC Stock Rods pics
-Added 1 RC Racing Team pic
-Added 2 Dah Yang pic
-Added 2 Phat Boyz Xtremz pics
-Added 4 Imperial 'Gold Rim' pics
-Added many pics to RC: Truckin' USA
Mar 8, 2004
-Created Route 66 page
-Added 4 Route 66 pics
Feb 8, 2004
-Added 1 Charter King pic
-Added 2 RC Hot Rod pics
-Added 4 RC Nascar pics
Feb 1, 2004
-Added Phat Boyz Eevolver Bp Info
-Added 4 Phat Boyz Pics
-Added Speedeez Bp Info
-Seperated Speedeez Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep onto seperate pages
-Added 67 Speedeez Pics (7 pics were missed during earlier update)
Jan 27, 2004
-Switched Jeep Pics on Speedeez page..
Jan 18, 2004
-Added Info for Phat Boyz 5-pack #2
-Added 3 Phat Boyz Pics
-Added 2 RC Nascar Pics
-Added 1 RC NHRA Pic
-Added 3 RC Racing Team Pics
-Added 9 Speedeez Pics
-Added Ertl Tractor Key Chain Info
-Added 4 pics to Ertl Tractor Key Chain
Jan 5, 2004
-Fixed Pic link for Jan 4th
-Fixed Phat Boyz Links
-Created Micro Wheeler page
-Added 38 Pics to Micro Wheeler
-Created Mini Matchbox Vehicles page
-Added 17 Pics to Mini Matchbox Vehicles
Jan 4, 2004
-Added 2 Imperial Nascar Pics
-Added 1 RC Racing Team Pic
-Reorganized and Expanded Phat Boyz
-Added 19 Phat Boyz Pics, 4 PB Bp pics
Jan 3, 2004
-Added 9 Speedeez Pics
-Added 16 Phat Boyz Pics
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