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Jan   1st, 2007
July  2nd, 2006
Jan   1st, 2006
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2006-07 Site Updates

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Micro Machines Other Brands
January 1st, 2007
-Added 5 Mini Micros Pics
-Added 2 Private Eyes Pics
-Added 2 Snap Backs Pics
-Added 7 Micro Machines Pics
-Changed Item Numbers within VW
-Updated Volkswagen
-Added Volkswagen to Mini Micros Page
-Added Volkswagen to Private Eyes Page
-Added Volkswagen to Snap Backs Page
Jan 1, 2006
Don't forget to check out my new
"Scale Comparison" info page!
January 1st, 2007
-Created Mana-Tee: Pull-Backs
-Added 5 Monogram Mini Exacts Pics
-Created MPC
-Added 54 MPC pics
-Added 7 RC: Dukes of Hazard Pics
-Added 2 RC: NHRA Funny Car Pics
-Added 1 RC: NHRA Pro-Stock Pics
-Added 2 RC: NHRA Top Fuel Pics
-Created Skeeters
-Added 5 Skeeters Pics
July 2, 2006
-Added 1 Charm Max Pic
-Added 1 Famosa Pic
-Created MagnaWorld Index
-Added 15 MagnaWorld Pics
-Added 12 Mini Mad Wheelz Pics
-Added 4 Phat Boyz Pics
-Created Phat Boyz: PullBacks
-Added 1 Phat Boyz: Pullbacks
-Added 1 RC: Dukes of Hazard Pic
-Added 1 RC: Hot Rod Pic
-Added 3 RC: Motor Trend Pics
-Added 3 RC:NASCAR Pics
-Added 1 RC:NHRA Pic
-Added 8 Route 66 Pics
-Updated Speedeez: Helicopters
-Updated Speedeez: N'Sane
-Created Speedeez Trucks subpage
-Added 22 Speedeez Pics
Jan 1, 2006
-Added 73 Capsule Tomica Pics
-Added 8 Charm Max Pics
-Added 3 Charm Max w/bearing Pics
-Added 1 Dah Yang Pic
-Created Famosa Index
-Added 49 Famosa Pics
-Created Flat Riderz Index
-Added 6 Flat Riderz Pics
-Added 2 Hartoy Pics
-Added 4 Imperial Nascar Pics
-Updated Mini Mad Wheelz Playsets
-Added 2 Mini Mites Pics
-Added 1 Mini Micro Matchbox Pic
-Added 2 Monogram Mini Exacts Pics
-Added 6 Nasta Color Machines Pics
-Added 9 Nasta Micro Motor Pics
-Added 3 Nasta (regular style) Pic
-Added 2 Phat Boyz Pics
-Created Phat Boyz:
           Monster of the Insterstate
-Added 4 Phat Boyz MOTI Pics
-Created Main Racing Champions Index
-Added 1 RC Dukes of Hazard Pic
-Added 7 RC Hot Rod Pics
-Added 1 RC Mint Edition Pic
-Added 3 RC NASCAR Pics
-Added 5 RC Racing Team Pics
-Added 2 RC Stock Rods Pics
-Added 1 RC NHRA Top Fuel Pic
-Created Speedeez: 15 Pack BP Page
-Created Speedeez: Monster BP Page
-Added 4 Speedeez Monster Crushers Pics
-Created Speedeez: N'Sane PS Page
-Created Speedeez: Stunt Caps BP Page
-Created Speedeez: Twisted BP Page
-Added 8 Speedeez Twisted Pics
-Created Speedeez Vehicles PS Page
-Added 47 Speedeez Pics
Don't forget to check out my new
"Scale Comparison" info page!
TABLE LEGEND:  BP=Blisterpack    PS=Playset    Pic/Pics=Picture(s)
                             RC=Racing Champions    UPDATED=Added new info to
                             INDEX=Main Catagory Page for that Brand
Please note:  Blisterpack, Playset, and informational pics are not included in the pic counts shown.


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